Leimeng setting branch in East and West Africa, Russia, Vietnam and supply machine and EPC service to more than 40countries ‘s customers. + marketing network

Marketing network


Nigeria Office

Tel: +86 18818802669
Contact:Ellen LIANG
Address: Abuja,Nigeria.
Email: ellen@crusherlm.com
Website: https://www.crusherlm.com/

Vietnam Office

Tel: +86 13533234436 
Contact:Wilson Wang
Address:Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Email: wilson@crusherlm.com
Website: https://www.crusherlm.com/

Russia Office

Tel: +18816833485, +7 777 883 9911(whatsapp)
Address:г. Курган, ул. Автозаводская 5 оф. 307    
Website: https://crusherlm.com/