Oct 11, 2021
Perlite is a volcanic eruption lavas by rapid cooling from the glassy rock, because of its structure and named pearl fracture. Perlite ore including perlite, obsidian and pitchstone. Difference between the three that perlite having arcuate crack formation due to condensation, said perlite structure, the water content of 2 to 6%; pitchstone rosin has a unique gloss, water content of 6 to 10% ...

Application Fields
Perlite ore abroad dominant purpose is the production of expanded perlite and its products. At present, China's annual production of expanded perlite has over 4 million m3, accounting for about 5% of China's annual production of insulation materials, is the most widely used of a class of lightweight insulation materials. According to statistics, China's proportion of expanded perlite application on the market for the construction of about 60%, about 30% of the heat pipe insulation, decorative material of about 10%, so mainly used for building energy efficiency and equipment and pipe insulation. Perlite is widely used in various fields, is a late Xing Fang Ai industry. In terms of alternative materials for use as mortar and construction insulation materials, light quality, not aging, waterproof insulation, suitable for high-rise buildings and light wall ...

Processing Technic

The first stage
Chunks of perlite by silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher (early break) coarsely chopped.

The second stage
Perlite after crushing after vibrating sieve by belt conveyor to the cone crusher (b broken) for further crushing.

The third stage
If you have high requirements on the final perlite grain type, you can configure a single integer Sand were broken. Perlite crushing by vibrating sieve after sieving, meets the size requirements of the finished pile sent; does not meet the requirements of the crusher is fed back again.

The fourth stage
Finished perlite into the high-pressure washing system, washing operations can also be equipped with waste water recycling systems and dust cleaning system.

Investment Prospects
1) In order to improve the performance of expanded perlite products, should develop a spherical non-porous expanded perlite as soon as possible. First, perlite ore into the furnace to the extent possible by nearly spherical instead of the previous size suitable irregular shape; the second is to improve the structure of the furnace, increasing the strength of expanded perlite. 2) perlite ore by fine grinding, fine grinding and surface chemical processing to be a certain function mineral fillers, can be widely used in rubber, plastics, cables, paints, inks and other industries. 3) perlite used in animal feed and grow crops, has achieved initial results, both for the animal feed additive, cages of bedding materials, fillers, anti-compaction and improve liquidity additive or as a veterinary preparations, insecticidal agents, fertilizers, trace elements carrier, absorbent or adsorbent material, or culture medium for the isolation and for other purposes.
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