Iron Ore
Iron Ore
Oct 14, 2021
Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers, natural minerals (iron ore) after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, and gradually re-election and other procedures to elect iron. In theory, any ore containing iron or iron compound can be called ore; however, in industrial or commercial, the different iron ore and manganese ore containing iron not only to the composition, and must valuable use for the job.

Application Fields
Iron ore is an important raw material for steel production, the lifeblood of the national economy is an important resource. Use is part of the iron compounds: iron sulfate used as fungicides in the development of photography, limonite, goethite, as a pigment and abrasives, industrial production magnetite hematite iron electrode oxalic acid, but also for washing. Iron chlorides and nitrates for the production of various types of inks and industrial reagents. Carbonyl iron as a catalyst in a chemical reaction. Mica hematite in the steel superstructure as a protective coating.

Processing Technic

The first stage
Chunks of rock or ore hopper feeder evenly sent by jaw crusher (early break) coarsely chopped

The second stage
After crushing the rock after the vibration sieve by belt conveyor to the cone crusher (b broken) for further crushing

The third stage
The iron ore 0.5-5 mm into the hopper, through vibration motor vibration cloth, the quantity can be precisely adjusted by hand wheel. By dragging the magnetic roller speed motor, the speed of the speed table to be adjusted by the governor, can control production and concentrate grade magnetic separator.

The fourth stage
Due to the fall of the magnetic roller entrained gangue also some weaker magnetic mineral particles, they will proceed to the next magnetic roller magnetic separation, magnetic separation after finished mineral particles into the second anthology ore bucket to collect the finished product, to be left out of the gangue by tailings discharge port, magnetic separation step to this end.

Investment Prospects
Taken together, the current import iron ore market is not short off-season situation, strong domestic demand for iron ore imported ore makes prices high. Affected by the recent international market, imported iron ore prices will continue to maintain growth. As long iron ore price agreement gradually be replaced by a more flexible index pricing, iron ore pricing index has become the new focal points of contention. Meanwhile, in the new round of global inflation situation is tight situation, investment iron ore will become a much-attention.
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