Solid waste coal gangue and coal washing process process emissions, is a lower carbon content of a coal-forming process in associated with coal, hard coal than the dark gray rock. ...

Application Fields

Recovery of coal and pyrite: Through a simple process, from coal gangue washed well chosen, by screening to choose the low-quality coal, but picked pyrite. ── shaker or pyrite recovery process from the plane with the jig coal preparation, wash mixed coal and coal. Recovery of coal can be used for power boiler fuel, can be used for washing gangue materials, pyrite can be used for chemical raw materials. For power generation: mainly used in coal washing and washing Refuse co-firing power. China has been washed and washed coal gangue mixture (heat about 2,000 kcal per kg) boiling furnace combustion for power generation. Slag to produce slag and slag cement bricks ...

Processing Technic

The first stage

After crusher for power generation: mainly used to wash and wash coal gangue co-firing power generation, general heat per kilogram of 3,500 kcal.

The second stage

Recovery of coal and pyrite Method Two: From Coal Preparation with shaker jigger ── plane recovery process pyrite, wash mixed coal and coal.

The third stage

Recovery of coal and pyrite Method 1: simple process, which were selected by screening good coal and low-quality coal, but picked pyrite. Recovery of coal can be used for power boiler fuel, can be used for washing gangue materials, pyrite can be used for chemical raw materials.

The fourth stage

Manufacture of building materials: bricks instead of clay as a raw material, can be less fertile dig.

Investment Prospects

A large number of stacked gangue, not only occupied land pressure, ecological impacts, waste rock leaching water surrounding soil and groundwater contamination, and gangue contains certain combustible material, spontaneous combustion occurs under appropriate conditions, emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides , carbon oxides and soot and other harmful gases atmospheric pollution, affecting the health of the mining area residents. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's coal industry will vigorously develop the circular economy, according to the reduction, reuse, recycling principles, focusing on governance and the use of coal gangue, mine water and fly ash. In 2010, more than 390 million tons of coal gangue utilization capacity, utilization rate of over 70%. Among them, coal and other low calorific value fuel power plants in the use of 200 million tons; the use of 090 million tons of coal gangue brick; gangue wasteland reclamation and mine roads filled consumptive 100 million tons or more. Mine produced 5 billion cubic meters of water, the use of 3.6 billion cubic meters, utilization rate of 70%. Environmental protection is China's basic national policy, as the country continued to increase environmental protection law enforcement, awareness of environmental quality requirements increase, to solve the problem of coal waste pollution has become increasingly prominent, coal thermal power generation is an effective full use of coal gangue ingredients, turning waste into treasure, an effective way to solve the pollution.

Flow Chart

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