Do You Know Vibrating Feeder?


Vibrating feeder according to their structure and use can be divided into three types: Vibration feeder GZT type, vibration feeder ZSW type. 

Features and advantages of Vibrating Feeder

1, The machine is simple, easy to use and maintain. 2, Exciting force is relatively small. 3, No wear parts, simple.

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GZD ZSW Series Vibrating Feeder

Working principle and structure characteristics of Vibrating Feeder

GZT series of vibrating feeder new vibration motor drive, the series of vibrating feeder for coarse crusher uniform feed, at the same time due to the role of bar screen surface, but also remove the dirt and other small materials, to pre-screening This series of vibrating feeders features a new type of vibrating motor or exciter vibration, riveted frame rivets, plates and bars made of manganese steel, a strong structure, high strength and impact resistance , wear-resistant, easy to use and maintain.

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