Safety Operating Procedures of Sand Maker Machines


The use of mining machinery, safety is the most important issue, especially the production workshop, high-altitude operations, chemical radiation. Sand maker machine manufacturer will guide the buyers how to use. But there are many accidents happen every year because of wrong use of mining machine. How to correctly use the sand making machine. Remember the following points:

Sand Maker Machine

1. Do not change the belt pulley unnecessarily. If the speed is too high, the crushing room may explode. If the speed is too slow, the efficiency of the sand maker machine would be affected.

2. After the sand maker machine is installed, check the fastening condition of the fasteners. If it is loose, tighten it. Meanwhile, check whether the belt tightness is correct.

3. Turn the rotor with hands before starting the machine. Check the tooth claw hammer, and the rotor, in the case of no collision phenomenon, the rotating direction of the rotor and the direction of the arrow machine, power machine, sand making machine lubrication.

4. Keep the sand maker machine working itself for 2~3min. Feed sand to work it there is no abnormal phenomenon.

5. Sand maker machine and power unit should be installed firmly. If the sand maker machine long-term fixed operations, should be fixed in the cement foundation. If the sand making machine is installed in the mobile operation, the unit should use made of the base angle, and to ensure that the engine (diesel or motor) and sand making machine belt pulley slot in the same plane of rotation.

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