How to Maintain Impeller Sand Washer?


Sand washing machine is divided into bucket sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine, bucket sand washing machine is divided into single impeller and double impeller sand washer. Impeller sand washing machine is composed of a single impeller, the equipment is gravel developed sand washing equipment based on the actual situation of sand, it is the important equipment to complete the sand washer, improve the quality of sand.

Although impeller sand washing machine has the simple structure, stable operation, in order to ensure efficient operation of the equipment, the daily maintenance is essential. Maintain uniform and continuous feeding; When the shutdown, first stop the feed, stop the machine until the washing tank of the material is completely discharged, so as not to get stuck when the next boot; Screen should be regularly clean and timely replace; Cleaning and gravel waste and waste water in time.

Impeller Sand Washer

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