Introduction of S Series Cone Crusher


S series cone crusher is the world's first conical machine, is currently the world's most widely used, the largest stock of broken machinery, after years of improvement, it has reasonable structure, broken principle and advanced design parameters, stable and reliable operation.

It has some notable product features:

Broken cavity types are more. S series of cone crusher cavity type has special design, according to the scene, the user can choose the broken cavity type with high crushing efficiency.

Dry oil sealed dust. S series cone crusher dust seal structure is unique, sealing effect is reliable, extending the oil replacement cycle and the life of the parts.

Support large crushing force. The key parts choose a special material manufacturing.

High Yield. Compared with other models, S series spring cone crusher has long broken arm, large crushing force. Can be crushing the material in the crushing chamber more effectively.

S Series Cone Crusher

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