How to Choose Quarry Equipment?


If you want to go up a standard large-scale gravel aggregate production line, how to choose suitable for their quarry equipment? Leimeng summarized three points to help you understand:

1, The characteristics of stone: stone hardness, mud content and water content are very important data, and should be selected in accordance with the maximum particle size of the stone head breaking equipment, such as the smaller feed can be directly into the secondary crushing equipment.

Recommend product 1:Stone Crushing Machine

Stone Crushing Machine

2, The product quality requirements: the finished product size, stone shape and other requirements also decide what kind of crushing equipment should be selected. If the crushed sand requires different sizes, it should also be equipped with screening equipment for screening.

Recommend product 2:Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

3, The use of finished products: the country's highway, high-speed rail, bridges and other construction requirements for gravel aggregate is also different. According to the user's finished product configuration of stone gravel production line reasonable arrangement.

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