How to Choose Crusher Equipment?


How to buy crusher equipment to adapt to their own production needs of the quarry? Lei Meng mechanical summary of the following three points:

First, the characteristics of stone

Rock and sand hardness, clay content and water content are very important data, in addition to the maximum particle size should be selected in accordance with the first choice of broken head equipment, such as feeding smaller direct access to two crushing equipment. If the crushed stone hardness is too large, such as granite, basalt, pebbles and other stones, you can choose to use jaw crusher, cone crusher crushing; hardness of smaller stones, such as limestone, crusher can choose to conduct secondary broken. To wear the teeth and other wearing parts to a minimum, that is, saving production costs, but also improve production efficiency.

Second, the product quality requirements

Customers on the finished product size, stone shape and other requirements also decide what kind of crushing equipment should be selected. If the crushed sand requires different sizes, it should also be equipped with screening equipment for screening. In many projects, sandy soil content is too high, you also need sand washing machine, adding a sand washing process.

How to Choose Crusher Equipment

Third, the use of finished products

National highway, high-speed rail, bridges and other construction requirements for gravel aggregate is also different. According to the user's finished product configuration of stone materials on the stone production equipment reasonable arrangements. Such as highways, high-speed rail, dams and other projects on the relatively high requirements of the stone, such projects if the use of cracks, sharp corners of the stone will increase the risk of collapse of the project. Usually the impact crusher stone will be processed in order to achieve the fine material standards.

Users in the choice of crushing equipment, should take full account of the above three points, and should be combined with their own requirements to find some professional manufacturers in order to provide professional advice to help users buy the right crushing equipment.

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