Do You Know the Features of Conveyor Belt?


Conveyor belt to complete the material within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between the material handling, material handling systems become an indispensable mechanization and automation components.

Conveyor Belt

Features of Conveyor Belt

The structural features of a conveyor device with a towing member are that the material to be transported is contained in a carrying member which is linked with the towing member or directly on a towing member such as a conveyor belt and the towing member passes around each of the drums or sprockets Connected to form an on-load branch that carries the material and an unbranched closed loop that does not carry the material, conveying the material using a continuous motion of the pulling member.

The structural features of a conveyor belt without traction are the use of rotational or reciprocating motion of the working member, or the use of the media flow in the pipe to feed the material forward. For example, the working members of the roller conveyor are a series of rollers that rotate to convey material; the working members of the screw conveyor are helical and the helix moves rotationally in the trough to push the material along the trough; the operation of the vibrating conveyor Components for the trough, trough for reciprocating movement to transport placed in the material and so on.

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