Manually Clean Jaw Crusher Parts


We all know that jaw crushers in the daily use always inevitably stained with oil and impurities, these oils and impurities are generally form due to non-saponifiable oil and dust. These impurities are not the same, so to choose the right cleaning fluid, and then carry out cleaning work, cleaning jaw crusher should use the right way. 

If it is manual clean up, the first step is to scrub, place the jaw crusher parts into one solution with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning parts. Scrub with cotton or brush with a brush. This method is simple, but less efficient, suitable for small pieces of small parts. Under normal circumstances, should not use gasoline, because gasoline is fat-soluble, will damage people's health and easily lead to fire. Then start the spray: Spray the cleaning solution with a certain pressure to the surface of the part to clear the oil. Suitable for cleaning some parts that the shape is not too complex, the surface has a serious grease.

GC Series Jaw Crusher

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