The Reason of Stopping Swing in The Working of Jaw Crusher


Jaw crusher jaw plate is divided into moving jaw plate and static jaw plate. In the production process, moving jaw plate is the main moving parts, it plays the leading role, if it can not be normal operation, resulting in crush work can not be carried out.

In the jaw crusher work, if you hear the violent splitting sound, the moving jaw plate will appear to stop the swing. Of course, there are other reasons, such as the flywheel to continue the rotation, connecting rod to continue swing, the rod spring will become loose jaw plate to stop swing. However, according to the experience of practice, the most common cause is the fall of non-crushed body, that is, other unrelated broken materials, resulting in damage to the thrust plate or rivets are cut off the phenomenon. If it is the reason for the lower part of the connecting rod is likely to be the lower part of the connecting rod to install the thrust plate support slider groove cracks phenomenon, in the installation of the time did not carry out the appropriate calculation of the insurance thrust plate, which is one of the reasons. 

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