Single Cylinder Hydraulic And Multi - Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher


1. the discharge port adjustment way comparison: Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is achieved by single hydraulic cylinder lift cone, can be in the production process is very easy to achieve automatic adjustment of the discharge port, and can automatically show the size of mine mouth. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher must first stop, release the locking cylinder, start the adjustment ring on the hydraulic motor, adjust the discharge port in the lock after the hydraulic cylinder, nesting control size must be detected manually.

2. overload over iron protection comparison: single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is set by a single accumulator pressure, very sensitive to provide overload over iron protection. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is set by a number of accumulator pressure, because the lock cylinder pressure is too large, the overload over iron protection reaction is not sensitive. 

3. the start with the load comparison: Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can start with a load, simple and effective. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can not start with load. 

4. the equipment can no-load comparison: single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher to no-load, no special requirements. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can not no-load.

Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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