The Development Trend of Jaw Crusher


With the jaw crusher of the birth, has been continuous improvement and continuous breakthrough, from now to have been 150 years of history. From its internal structure, can be divided into: brief pendulum crusher, complex pendulum crusher, integrated swing crusher. From its development can be seen that this is a technical process. 

1.the structure becomes simple

Simple, energy saving is now the most respected social production concept, jaw crusher is developing in this direction. Achieve a jaw crusher instead of multiple crusher multi-section broken process, significant savings in steel and production costs, to achieve a very good economic and social benefits.

2.the efficiency tends to high-energy

Early years, jaw crusher experienced a large-scale development stage. With the progress of technology and improve the absorption of high-energy cone crusher development ideas, jaw crusher also develop to high-energy. In the basic case of not change the size of the crusher, the internal design parameters of the crusher to optimize the combination of the crusher to significantly improve the productivity, greatly improve the crusher's ability. modernization

Jaw crusher apply modern design methods, the complex pendulum has been on the practice for many years, and achieved very good results. Machinery combined with electronic, automatic control technology, making the jaw crusher design calculation into a new stage.

PE Series Jaw Crusher

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