Advantages of HPY Hydraulic Cone Crusher


1. HPY hydraulic cone crusher used the best combination of crushing frequency and eccentricity, so that broken products have higher fine-grained content. Therefore, reduced the broken mill comprehensive power consumption;

2. the perfect combination of the high crushing frequency and efficient crushing cavity, crusher production and efficiency have improved.

3. greatly improve the material particles between the laminated crushing effect, so that broken products are the uniform cube;

4. HPY hydraulic cone crusher used advanced hydraulic insurance, hydraulic locking, hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic clearance cavity function, making the operation more convenient, easy to achieve automation, at the same time, maintenance easier;

5. use optimized design of the series of hydraulic cone crusher, when iron and other hard objects can not be broken into the machine, the iron protection device will automatically release, then immediately reset. So the equipment failure rate is low, the equipment operating rate is more than 85%, significantly reduces the overall cost of the crusher.

HPY Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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