Six Prohibited Operation in The Use of Crusher


First, do not operate without looking at the instructions

After the purchase of equipment should be carefully read the relevant instructions for the use of crusher materials, familiar with the use of the crusher and maintenance conditions.

Second, do not operate when there is something inside the machine

Before the crusher begins to work, check whether there is any ore or lump in the crushing chamber. Crusher is not allowed to start with a load. If there is ore or iron, to be cleared before starting.

Third, prohibit using the substandard power supply

We should pay attention to the quality of the electrode, as little as possible to move the electrode or do not move the motor.

Fourth, prohibit work when worker do not wear personal protective equipment

When breaking things, there will be noise and pollution, our body has a lot of damage, so we should pay attention to bring personal protective equipment.

Fifth, prohibit non-maintenance

The maintenance of the crusher is very important, long-term use will bring unnecessary wear and tear to the machine, so regularly check and maintain the degree of wear. 

Sixth, prohibited without turning off the power when the power failure

If occur a sudden power in the use, remember to turn off the power, which will cause unnecessary damage. After the end of the work should also organize things, close the power, develop a good habit of work.

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