Introduction to The Wear of The Crusher


Mechanical equipment has inevitable wear and tear in the course of the use, especially in the use of crusher, because of the particularity of its production work, wear is very obvious, which can seriously affect the entire production process, crusher equipment wear is divided into the following two major aspects.

On the one hand is natural wear, usually refers to the normal use and operation of the machine during the process, caused by the friction between the various parts of the machine, mechanical parts of the geometric shape and size changes. This part of the wear is usually slower, the damage will not be caused in the short term. But will also seriously affect the production efficiency of crusher equipment, so it is necessary to timely replacement.

On the other hand is premature wear, mainly because the structure of the mechanical itself is unreasonable, part parts use poor quality materials, some parts of the manufacturing quality is not up to standard, incorrect installation and operation caused equipment damage.

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