Sand Production Line Cleaning


Sand production line in the use of the process, it is easy to be contaminated by cement, sewage, stones and other raw materials, resulting in blockage, if you do not clean up in time, sand production line equipment is easy to occur a failure, thus affecting the production efficiency, so that must be regularly cleaned sand production line equipment.

1.The sand equipment installed on the anchor bolts firmly sand washing machine, try to install the gravel cleaning equipment on a level of solid foundation.

2.In use, if the failure, usually the core deformation, this time we should use a sharp nose pliers and other tools to be amended.

3.If you find a larger bend, you should replace the new bearings in time.

4.Finally check the various parts of the screw is loose, and to keep the host body and the vertical line.

Sand production line cleaning is the most important part of the use of the whole process, which can improve the life of sand making machine.

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