Brief Introduction of YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen Structure


Circular vibrating screen mainly is the composition of the screen box, screen, vibrator, vibration spring, bracket, motor. Screen is the main wearing parts. According to the material variety and user requirements, can be used high-manganese steel woven mesh and polyurethane mesh, sieve plate single, double and multi-layer, and light and heavy points; motor can be installed in the left or right.

YA series circular vibrating screen has simple structure, easy maintenance and low failure rate; The vibrator uses the resonance principle, the two-body critical resonance state work, the required drive power is small, no big start-up current at start-up, low noise; After the vibrator is started, the amplitude can be instantaneously stable. When parked, its amplitude instantly disappears, flat and allows direct start and stop at rated voltage, current and amplitude. The amplitude of the screen can be adjusted, you can change the weight of eccentric block to obtain different amplitudes. Due to the strong vibration of the screen box, reducing the phenomenon of material clogging the screen, so that the screen has a high screening efficiency and productivity.

YA Series Circular Vibrating Screen

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