The Difference between Circular Vibrating Screen and Linear Vibrating Screens


There is no essential difference between the surface of the circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating screen. The material is sieved by the movement of the sieve surface to form a linear motion. But different vibration trajectory will directly affect the purpose of screening, so the user's selection is particularly important, so the user should understand these two devices to avoid the selection errors.

Linear vibrating screen is installed the two vibration motor in the lower part of the body, and the circular vibrating screen is just the opposite, because the vibrating motor eccentric block is too small, so the vibration frequency is higher, the material on the screen surface amplitude is low, so the material on the screen surface movement time will be shorter, the production screen surface and the ground is no angle. Linear vibrating screens are usually used in the food, chemical, building materials, pharmaceutical industry.

Circular Vibrating Screen

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