The Use of Sand Washing Separators


Sand water separator, also known as screw sand water separator, is the sewage treatment containing slag (sediment, solid impurities) and water mixture through the pipeline to the sand and water separator, the entrance uses a special cloth water structure, can reduce the flow rate of water, reduce the factors that affect the separation process.

At the same time the special structure ensure the solid-liquid separation effect of the minimum flow area along the flow direction. The solid impurities, the sand will be excluded from the device through the tilt of the screw conveyor, enter into the slag car.

Sand water separator is mainly used in sewage treatment plant cyclone desander, the sand-water mixture is discharged from the sand-water mixture, and when the sand-water mixture is concentrated and separated. The separated sediment is transported to the sewage pumping station for re-treatment.

Screw Sand Water Separator

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