Derusting Method of Sand Making Machine


1. Plating heat method. In the surface of the sand making machine electroplating the metal materials that not easy to rust, such as aluminum, zinc. After plating these metal materials, the surface of the sand can form a layer of dense oxide film to prevent the material from contacting water and air, so that it will not rust;

2. Paint method. In the sand machine surface coated with oil-based materials, paint and others, which can make the sand machine surface isolate external water and oxygen, so as to achieve the oxidation of sand, rust;

3. Material method. General sand making machines are made of iron, we can use alloy materials to produce sand making machine, which can fundamentally solve the problem of rusty sand maker;

4. Environmental method. Sand making machine rust is because of iron and water oxidation reaction, so we keep the working environment of sand making machine dry, to prevent rusting rust.

Sand Making Machine

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