Vibrating Screen Structure Composition


In general, the vibrating screen structure has four major components, namely vibrators, sieve box, support or suspension device, transmission.

Vibrating screen has uniaxial and biaxial, their vibrator will be different types due to eccentric re-allocation of different ways, which the block eccentric type is preferred. Screen box is usually composed of three parts, namely, side panels and beams composed of screen frame, screen surface and the clamping device. The rigidity of the vibrating screen frame needs to be adequately safeguarded. Vibrating screen supporting device is critical, vibrating screen support device is inseparable from the elastic elements, such as coil springs, plate springs and rubber springs and so on. Vibrating screen transmission device will be used to drive the coupling and the V-belt. The biggest advantage of the coupling is more stable than the V-belt, working hours is longer, it is not easy to adjust the number of revolutions.


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